Description des niveaux du Smile & Swing 2020

For our 3rd edition of Smile and Swing, we’re offering 4 levels so that everyone can find their footing.

Level 1 - Smiley

This level is for Westies with less than 1 year of West Coast Swing !

Objective : to add some variation to your basics and to show you how to enjoy the dance with simple and accessible techniques ! 

Level 2 - Big Smile

In general, you’ve reached this level after one year of West Coast Swing through classes and social dances. You know how to dance in time, you’re comfortable with the basic steps and patterns of West Coast Swing (Left Side Pass, Underarm Turn, Sugar Push, Whip, Tuck Turn, and Inside Prep).

Level 3 - Sunny Smile

In general, you’ve reached this level after at least 2 years of West Coast Swing, practicing regularly in workshops, classes, and social dances. You’ve mastered the basic footwork and patterns, and you have various variations in your repertoire. The Rock’n’Go and the Stretch are notions with which you are familiar.

You often dance in social dances and you feel comfortable with your dance, even if you still hesitate with quick or slow rhythms.

Level 4 - Killer Smile

You’ve reached this level after 4 years of seriously attending classes, international events, workshops, and social dances.

You’re completely smitten with the dance, traveling and dancing frequently throughout France or abroad. You’ve mastered the basics and their variations, even going as far as to add your own styling to the patterns. Telemarks, Rock’n’Go, stretch, preps, and weight transfers are all techniques you’ve learned and studied.

You’re looking to work on your musical interpretation and improving the dialogue between you and your partner.